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Jennifer Bell (M.A. Cantab) is a composer, creative producer and performer.

She creates song portraits of people, often drawn from verbatim gathered from interviews. Her close-harmony vocal compositions combine storytelling with folk and jazz influences, and she uses the voice to create the textures and rhythms of dance music. She presents live performances and music across many genres, as well as making pieces for radio. 


Shortlisted for Best Drama Production - BBC Radio and Music Awards

Pre-selection for Best Radio Drama - Grand Prix Nova

Jennifer sings, plays piano and bass guitar. She collaborates in the UK and internationally with singers, live artists, writers, dancers, film makers, academics and theatre makers, as an MD, composer, performer, producer or conductor. Here's who

"A 'townscape' of unadorned song, delivered here in soaring a cappella"


She is one of the international producers of Social Muscle Club, a member of Bristol artist collective Residence, and a resident of Pervasive Media Studio. She often leads audiences in spontaneous choral song, and has directed and choreographed several choirs that perform in outlandish places. 

She is a Happiness Champion, on Bristol's first Happy List 2013, created by Bristol Evening Post and Happy City.