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SINGERS - Andy Marshall, Blythe Pepino, Harry Humberstone, Katy Tucker, Ellie Showering, Natalie Farr, Mella Faye, Heidi Heidelberg, Rebecca Chellappah, Guy Wilson, Helen Cockill, Sam Halmarack, Dom Cauldwell, Jeff Spencer, Misha Law, Ellie Rusbridge, Jeff Spencer, Georgina Haworth, Nuala Honan, Celestine, Phil King, John Holmes, Molly King, Mo Kirby, Jack Adkins and Dom Coyote.

Rebecca Barnes - University of Oxford (COVID HOTLINE CHORUS, 2021)


Jemima Hoadley - Dancer, Choreographer (HE (and Me), 2018)

Dom Coyote & Sophie Motley - Pentabus Collaboration (ONE SIDE LIES THE SEA, 2018 onwards)

Beth O'Dea - BBC Radio Producer (BREAD & BUTTER, 2018, LIGHTHOUSES, 2019)

Shambala Festival (2017 & KIN 2018)

Aldous Harding and John Parish - Singer and Producer (PARTY, 2017)

SOCIAL MUSCLE CLUB - International (2016 onwards)

Chris Gylee and Richard Aslan - Bristol Berlin Queer Arts Exchange CIC (QUEER BRISTOL, 2016 onwards)

The Plasticine Men - Theatre Company (THERE SHALL BE FIREWORKS, 2016)

Tom Marshman, Performance Artist & Writer (MOUTHPIECE, 2015 onwards)

Chris Gylee - Designer (BREAD & BUTTER, 2014)

Anna Barrett - Lighting Designer (BREAD & BUTTER, 2014)

Bryony Ball - Graphic Design and Photographer (BREAD & BUTTER, 2014)

Compagnie ON/OFF - Theatre Company, France (SMS, 2014)

Improbable - Theatre Company (THE ELDERSHIP PROJECT, 2014)

ATC - Theatre Company (David Greig's THE EVENTS, 2013)

Dan Canham - Dancer, Choreographer (IN A TOWN, 2013)

Jan Winter - Executive Director (JENNIFER BELL COMPANY)

Kerrie Avery - Producer (JENNIFER BELL COMPANY)

Laura Dannequin - Dancer, Choreographer (TEMPLE SONGS, 2013, BREAD & BUTTER, 2014)

Simon Day - Producer (TEMPLE SONGS, 2013)

Sam Halmarack - Musician and Performer (IN A TOWN, 2013)

Lucy Cassidy - Performance Maker, Dramaturg (IN A TOWN, TEMPLE SONGS, 2013)

Maria Mochnacz - Artist, Film Maker (IN A TOWN, TEMPLE SONGS, ODA A AMERICA, 2011 - 13)

Freya Billington - Film Director (BREAD AND BUTTER, 2013, HOW? LUCKY, 2016)

Carrie-Rhy Davies - Writer (THERE MAY BE EXPLOSIONS, 2013)

Reggie Watts - Performer, Musician, Comedian (REGGIE WATTS at BOV, 2012)

Fiksdal, Langgård & Becker - Live Artists (NIGHT TRIPPER, 2012)

Twisted Theatre - Theatre Company (IN A TOWN, 2012)

The Hurly Burly - Festival Theatre Cafe (ARTILLERY OF LOVE, 2011)

Bodies in Flight - Live Art Performance Makers (GYMNAST, 2011 - 13)

The Master Chaynjis - Band (Touring, Performance and Film, 2010)

Champloo - Dance Company (WHITE CAPS, 2010)

Byron Vincent - Poet (JELLYHEAD, 2009)

BOY (2009), BIZALI (2009), The Beautiful Machine (2012), The Night Bus Choir (2010)

With support from Bristol Old Vic, Theatre Bristol, Ferment, Arnolfini, Bristol City Council, Tobacco Factory Theatres and Pervasive Media Studio