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One Side Lies the Sea R&D 2018-9 

Exploring life on the coast of contemporary britain through true songs and true stories from the people who live there

By Jennifer Bell and Dom Coyote, with film by Ollie Lansdell

Dir. Sophie Motley, Produced by Pentabus

HE (And Me) R&D 2018-9 

Jemima Hoadley is exploring her identity as a busy dancing mother whilst in role as a carer to her son Nathan, who has Down’s Syndrome, Type 1 Diabetes and an obsession with Romeo and Juliet

With composition and audio score from Jennifer Bell

Produced in association with Metal

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KIN 8th - 11th November  




Friday 9th November 2018

Act Two: The Call/Response


While nations flounder, the media gets weirder and big business gets bigger, KIN is a gathering for those yearning for a kinder world. Musicians, artists, thinkers and doers will be moving into the Arnolfini for four days, to take over the running of the world. Together, we will find new ways to remake it. Everybody is invited.

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